Renter Source makes finding out how much your property could rent for easier than any company in New Mexico. Renter Source offers a no obligation, FREE Rental Analysis for any property owner who is interested in finding out how much their property could rent for.

The FREE Rental Analysis offered by Renter Source is for all property owners. This includes those who already own a rental property, or who may be interested in turning their current or any other property into an income generating rental property.

What Properties Do We Manage?

Single family homes

Multi-family homes

Duplex, Tri-plex, Four-plex



Multi-unit complexes

Low income housing units

Rental Analysis Information

After we have conducted your free rental analysis we will be able to provide you with:

Local Property Comparables

Rent Benchmarks For The Low, Median, And High Ranges

The Average Rental Prices In Your Area

A Property Rental Price Estimate

Local Vacancy And Saturation Rates

Historical Rental Pricing Averages

The Local Areas Rental Market Strength

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