When you use our property management service you have the ability to receive your rental income via our MoneyNow™ service. You can receive your rental income NOW. MoneyNow™ enables us to transfer the funds paid by your tenant into the bank account of your choice immediately after we receive it.

Benefits of MoneyNow™:

  • Included with your property management service
  • Your rental income is a deposited into your bank account immediately after your tenant pays their rent
  • Funds are accessible to you within 1-3 days after tenant pays their rent
  • You receive your funds from RenterSource™ nearly 15 days faster than the industry average
  • The service is secure and easy to setup
  • You no longer need to go to the bank after waiting to receive a check from your property management company
  • We do all the work, you can relax and quickly receive your funds

Interested in Renter Source managing your property?

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