Tenant Screening

One of the biggest concerns of homeowners is finding well qualified tenants for their property. Doing background checks on tenants yourself can be difficult and expensive, and frankly tenants are usually more comfortable providing all of their personal information to a licensed brokerage rather than a private landlord.

Renter Source does a comprehensive and thorough 100+ point background check on all applicants at no additional cost to you. Remember, with Renter Source, you always make the final decision on who moves into your property. Once we have an applicant for your property and the background check is complete we always provide you with the relevant information about your tenant so you can make an informed decision.

Benefits of our Background Checks Include:

  • State criminal background reports
  • Federal/ national background reports
  • Credit History report from all the major reporting bureaus
  • State rental history report (evictions and non-payments are shown here)
  • Federal/ national rental history report

Of course if you ever have questions regarding the backgrounds and rental history reports, your professional leasing agent can help you. Call for more information!